Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Busy life

Sorry it's been a few days since I wrote. I been working over time and been very busy.  This past days have been horrible.  Not been doing so well with the whole diet thing. Working around food  gets you into trouble so writes. So I went and  shopping and I grabbed healthy things for me to take to work. I am going to get threw it one day at a time. Since I work over night I eat somedays at two in the morning but I sleep most of the day and don't eat till at least three or four in the afternoon. My reaching 5000 steps has been easy I usually hit it before 6 am. Things have been really busy and are going to stay that way for a lung time. Sorry this is short today but I will try and get better at writing and making this more interesting.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Mess up happens when you don't pay attention

Opposes I went over my calories for the day and it was al, to not paying attention to what I was putting on my sandwich from subway. subway can be good but also be your worst nightmare. So I learned and I am going to move on from there lessons learned. Haha well I managed to get in 5000 steps and 5 stairs.  I took our puppy In to leith bridge yesterday because I was going to walk him with the two younger kids while Bethany was at her tap exam practice. Let's just say that is never going to happen again. He kept getting tangle in everyone and cut across the stroller and the lease would cut across and nearly choke George.  I have the hardest time eating breakfast so I realized how late it was and had a peanut butter and jam sandwich  Tito tie me over till lunch which I had a smoothie  for dinner I had a sandwich from subway.

On the positive note last Saturday I weighed myself and since then I lost 6.4 pound. I think that a lot f that is being more aware of what I am putting in my mouth but I'm not perfect and only just started and will make mistakes all the time and tomorrow I will tell you about temptations at work. It will be embarrassing to show that. Don't have that much will power. Maybe one day I will.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

One day at a time

Thank you everyone for the support it feels great that I have people who give me love and support. Realizing that people care makes all the difference makes me realize that they are reading and looking forward to the success just don't be disappointed if I fall sometimes it's going to happen but I will have to work thru the fails and realize that one bad day doesn't define who I am. The other day someone told me that I should cut out all dairy from my diet well that isn't going to happen. In the magazine that I bought they give healthy food tips from the pros and here is one that kinda stood out.
" high-calcium diets produce more weight loss. Just don't confuse regular yogurt with the frozen kind- it doesn't have the nutritional value or calcium.
-Dr. Stephen Gullo

So what she told me was wrong sometimes do your own research they will be people who don't know everything and give you wrong advice without them really realizing it.
When I look at the big picture it scars me can I do this, but when I look at it as small step, small goals, really one day at a time it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

So the other day I made a smoothie and it was bland not too much flavour so yesterday I added a little honey and that made all the difference. So talking about what I had I at egg white scrambled eggs with ham and a little cheese for breakfast a smoothie for lunch and some noodles with a tomato sauce for dinner. Since I had enough calories left over I had a cup of icecream. Because I had the calories left over I didn't feel guilty over it at all.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Learning from past mistakes starting over

So last year I started this blog to help me write down my weight loss what I was eating and my feelings well, I didn't do so well. I had a few bad days which turned into a few bad weeks that turned into a lot of  bad months.i felt depressed and like a failure that I couldn't do it. So why should I even try. I kept saying over and over again that I was going to start dieting again but not even make it a day how pathetic. So Sunday I said that I was going to do my blog again because that seemed to help the most. Yesterday while I was out I grabbed a magazine that caught my eye it was a special people magazine. It's all about people who are half their size and I was reading something one person said it took her three years to lose all the weight and she said that there were times that she slipped up but instead of looking at those moments as failures, she saw them as learning opportunities. So this past seven months were my learning opportunities. That it is ok if you have a slip up and it doesn't have to make you a failure sorry it took so long but I'm tired of all of this. My mother in law and I both started up our blogs again this week and since we both have a fit bit we agreed to 5000 steps 5 flights of stairs. As time goes on those numbers will go up. Yesterday I forgot to put my fit bit on till half way thru the day but managed to get five flights of stairs and 3981 steps so pretty good for only half a day. Yesterday I had a pretty good day a egg and sausage wrap from mcdonalds, a fruit smoothie and a salad for dinner. It was Jared's birthday so I did have some cake and icecream.  I mean the birthday is over and it's ok to have a treat on special occasions need to learn to only have them at those times. I am so busy lately that I will probably blog the day after about how the day before went.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday July 15

So as I was waiting for my little boy to wake I was reading , watching tv, and playing games I was getting a little bored so finally he woke up and I made him breakfast so when he was finished I got him dressed and went for a walk. We walked a a nice not too fast not too slow just going at a pace that wasn't pushing it. George was loving it the weather was just perfect I hate it when it's too hot side where you sweat just sitting down. So we walked just under three miles and walked just over an hour.  I was walking threw some stones and pushing a stroller there was some work involved. For dinner I didn't keep track of how many calories that I ate it was date night and we went to Pizza Hut.  I had three slices of a large meat lovers they were the smallest slices which where pretty small. Three pieces of the breaded wingless wings honey BBQ sauce and some garlic toast with cheese. I love date night next time I think we will go somewhere else and choose something healthy. Jared asked what I wanted and I said I didn't care and he was like Harvey's or Pizza Hut and I choose pizza. Haha well one bad day won't hurt the results for the week.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday July 14

Sunday's are never a very active day for me in fact I always take a nap in the afternoon. I love my naps on Sunday's. This is my relax go to church and spend with family day. I don't usually cook Sunday dinner we go to my in-laws and they are great helping keeping me on track.  Mornings on a Sunday are hard because I am getting everyone ready for church I don't usually have breakfast. Well this week I only had on kids to dress but we slept till 9:45 giving us 15 min to feed the little man get dressed and get to church. So definitely no time for breakfast. At lunch I ate the left over chicken, 3 drumsticks with 2 tbsp of BBQ sauce. For dinner I had 1 1/2 c ww spaghetti with 1/2 c sauce with 1/4 c parm cheese and a cup of salad. For dessert had about a cup worth of watermelon. So not too much on my mind but working on keeping track of what I ate.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13 2013

Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile been not doing so well on my  diet and trying to redeem myself. I weighed myself this morning and almost cried but didn't I did this to myself there is no one to blame but myself. What it comes down to is that is was easier to give up than to fight. So I gave up I got lazy instead of making dinner at home I would just go buy something. Some one doing the cooking for me. I would keep telling myself OK I will start my diet again tomorrow and never did I put it of and put it of and now came to the point were I don't want to feel gross with all that eating out. I don't feel great after never feel really full and its not good for you. I love ice cream so we would go buy some to eat maybe I should keep some low calories ice cream bars in the house but eat them only if I have the calories or reward myself. If I work out you can have an ice cream bar. I think I will try that out. So today I decided that enough with all this laziness it was time to get back on track I keep saying to push through it but it got hard.So this morning and today I did it oh yeah to the point where I have calories left over for the day. I am so proud of myself it feels good to accomplish something I always say that this year is the year that I am going to change. I need to set an example for my kids. So well traveling I had a pkg of black licorice I love it. I was wanting some so I looked at the calories than look at the calories for a granola bar.Guess what I ended up eating yup that's right 4 pieces of licorice was 130 calories and a granola bar was 150. So I gave myself a treat and didn't feel guilty because I recorded it.

Sorry didn't eat breakfast

3 ounces chicken breast
1 c rice
1 c mixed veggies
2 tbsp sweet chili Thai sauce
4 pieces black licorice
calories = 536

2 chicken drumsticks
1/2 c rice
2 tbsp BBQ sauce
calories = 381

1 chocolate fibre bar
4 pieces black licorice
calories = 280

Daily calories = 1198 Suppose to have more so if I get a little hungry later I will let myself have something I will up date when and if I do.